Memories Under the Trees

There is no opposition between life and death. And there is no opposition between the natural forest and the one we propose. The arrangement and the different height of the umbrella-trees propose a walk in the forest, where the path is every time marked by the positioning of the tree-trunks, placed with an apparent randomness, and by the pixelized light that filters through their foliage to illuminate our steps on the slab. Just as the underwood is animated by the presence of shrubs and flowers so under the umbrella-trees, objects take shape that delimit lawn areas, fixed and scattered stools, pools of water and, of course, columbaria.

Lines and curved surfaces, symbolized by the circle, represent the love for the forms of natural creation. The straight line, symbolized by the square, instead represents the world conceived and designed by the man. Fusion between curved and straight lines is the encounter that we looked for and that we wanted to foster with the project.


Riga, Lettonia


Giampaolo Di Bella

Jacopo Mannello

Chiara Mobius